Do My Wedding Makeup

Don't have a professional makeup artist?
Be your own.

PREP SKIN with the right moisturiser for your skin type to create the perfect canvas for makeup.

FOR A BRIGHT-EYED LOOK, use a corrector to neutralize discolouration, followed with a concealer to lighten up darkness. Set with sheer powder for a crease-free look.

EVEN OUT YOUR SKIN TONE with a photo-friendly foundation; stay away from formulas with SPF because they can sometimes look ashy in pictures.

APPLY A SKIN TONE CORRECT POWDER all over the face to keep foundation on longer; use a puff, then dust off any excess with a powder brush.

USE BRONZING POWDER to warm up skin and keep it from looking washed out in pictures. Apply on your face, neck and chest for the most seamless look.

FOR A LONG-LASTING FLUSH, layer two blushes: A natural shade that looks like your cheeks, followed with a brighter "pop" shade. For a pretty glow, apply highlighter high on the cheekbones.

PINK, ROSE AND BERRY LIP COLORS are pretty and timeless. Avoid beige and nude lip colours because they tend to look washed out in photographs.

FRAME THE EYES with defined brows. For a natural look, use a powder shadow or brow pencil. If you want a stronger brow, use a brow gel. Highlight the browbone with a shadow lighter than your skin tone.

A CLASSIC YET MODERN EYE: A light base shade, a medium lid shade, a sparkle shade to highlight and a dark liner shade; choose long-wear formulas for a tear-proof look. Top mascara with a waterproof formula to keep lashes from smudging.


TIP: Your wedding day is not the time to try a trendy look.


May 20th-27th – in all Bobbi Brown Studios


Whether you’re a Bride, Bridesmaid or Mother of the Bride, our Pro Team will show you how to look picture-perfect on the big day.

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